Pratt Institute School of Design

The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Communications Design, a 60-credit graduate degree, emphasizes full-time studio practice in Graphic Design (print and digital media, artifacts, information, environments, systems). The components of the program focus studio practice, research and scholarship, design teaching methodologies, and studies of visual media including history, praxis and theory, critical and creative analysis, aesthetics, as well as other related humanities and social sciences.

We all seek intellectual growth and development from beginning to end. That built-in, lifelong curiosity found in each and every individual propels us onward as a collective. As a learning community that we are, our daily work must address — and meet head-on — the very imperative that is to design, as aggregate, towards a better definition of ourselves (our culture), the world we live in (both built and natural environments), and the conditions necessary for safeguarding a shared and sustainable future (for all).

Education at its best is an exploration. Generation upon generation, groups of individuals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise continue to come together to consider and explore key issues, solve problems, create opportunities. To be expected, finer ideas, ambitious proposals, promising prototypes, more questions and next challenges all ensue. Path, process and insight bring forth further clarity, action, outcomes and next steps.

What is needed? What is pressing? What is relevant? What is useful? What is meaningful? Will forever be questions worth asking in the pursuit of innovation (making), in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge (thinking), as well as in all manner of critical-and-creative activities (thinking-and-making) that make for the contemporary designer and individual.

Much to do.

Santiago Piedrafita
Graduate Communications Design