Pratt Institute School of Design

Promoting Positive Self-expression Toward Mentally Challenged Individuals
Fan Chen Hsiang
People with mental illness frequently encounter public stigma and may further lead to self-stigma. The thesis will clarify the concept of mental illness stigma and discuss plausible consequences for individuals with mental illness. In order to have an in-depth insight into the background to the current situation, the examples of current anti-stigma campaigns, programs, and more other pertinent efforts that have been made will be mentioned and discussed in the thesis as well. The thesis leverages artistic approaches as the bridge to explore and break down mental health stigma, and offer audiences an opportunity to empathize with the impact of stigma on people with mental illness through the scope of art and design. The goal of the thesis is to influence public perception toward people with mentally challenged, inspire creative responses, and further reach the end goal of reducing the discrimination against people with mental health issues.