Pratt Institute School of Design

Virtual and Actual: Selves
Qiyun Xu
Starting by re-thinking our existence, this thesis explored the question - “who I am” - within the virtual and actual environment. It was a self-exploring process that aimed to enhance the acceptance of the coherent and fluid multi-selves to achieve an agreement among multiple selves and adapt to different environments.
This video was filmed by myself in sharing space.It dedicated to showing my personal observation of my unknown perspectives.
This video was recorded with my roommate (not in the scene). I worked with her in our living room. The video shows that my relational-self overlapped with my individual-self because of my close relationship with my roommate.
I recorded this video in my room, which is an entirely private space. However, I was playing a mobile game with my friends online. This video demonstrates that my relational-self and individual-self adhered.
This is a video recording of a small gathering. I invited some of my friends to my apartment and watched three videos together. Then, I collected some feedback from them.