Pratt Institute School of Design

Learning Personal Finance
Rosemarie Arroliga Noguera
Even though finance is part of our everyday lives, there has been a lack of financial literacy in the U.S. for decades. Currently, most of the country's population is not prepared to make sound financial decisions. As our educational system does not require personal finance as part of the curriculum in most states, parents or caregivers have become the primary source of financial education. Parents can struggle to transmit the right financial habits to their children, continuing the cycle of financial illiteracy. This interactive book/website serves as a guideline for soon-to-become parents providing them with a more comprehensive way of introducing personal finance to their children.

Does It Affect Everyone?
Poster series covering the initial research exploration on financial literacy and the interaction between stakeholders in addition to social issues that play a role in the bigger picture.

Teachings of Money
Visualization of research interview with the visual language of artist Alexandra Bell to highlight the extracts that are most relevant to the parent-child bond created by the teachings about money in childhood memories.

Let’s Talk Student Loans
Cultural probe exploring college student’s financial knowledge by observing their familiarity with common vocabulary found in student loans documents through a gamified experience.

The Growing Avocado
Children's interactive website to aid parents introduce personal finance to their children through the metaphor of a growing avocado.