Pratt Institute School of Design

Selling Sex-Positivity
Tongyan Wang
The sex-positive movement regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation. It advocates no distinctions among types of sexual activities. However, some of the sexual norms are against the viewpoint. Sex toys are the intersection of sexuality, technology, and pleasure. My thesis is a mutual exploration of both how the social transformation has shaped the sex toy industry and how the industry has impacted the sexual value alternation, as well as analysis and prediction of the potential influence of sex toys in upcoming decades.

A sketch of stereotype exploration
Human beings are visual animals, by making the video Two Balloons Filled with Water and the experiment Draw Me a Sex Toy, I wondered how the human brain works to process visual information. Is that a kind of stereotype?

Draw Me a Sex Toy, one of the stereotype projects

Two Balloons Filled with Water, a video of the stereotype projects

Taboo in a Box installation process
Mabel’s, a sex shop replication, offers an interactive experience on campus. A camera above recorded people’s responses.

Detail of the flyer for Mabel’s

Recorded Interactions in Mabel’s

A video game concept in response to the interactions at Mabel’s

99 Days Sex Toy Design
This project focuses on conceptual sex toy design. By exploring 'normal' stuff and getting inspiration from their features, I designed one sex toy a day for 99 days.

Double-Sided, 2 paintings for my capstone project