Pratt Institute School of Design

Alchemy of Contemperoray Taboos
Yubo Xu
Contemporary Taboos are the subjects that are ethically controversial, such as contain the artifacts or behaviors that have been banned or restricted by authorities, that have faded or neglected from history or artifacts or that have been twistedly perceived, and etc.. For my thesis, I argue that the framework of alchemy can be a critical design tool for understanding the current relationship between people and authority through the artifacts or behaviors of contemporary taboos, and more importantly, for revealing the revolution journey within oneself. Therefore, my thesis aims at presenting new visions of class struggles from the existing environment and facilitating individuations of the audiences.

An Alchemical analysis of 4 urban crimes that can help one achieve individuation. All the contents are allegorized and encrypted into Scandinavian artifacts during Medievals and texts of Prose Edda (Icelandic Saga).