Pratt Institute School of Design

Weaponized Light
Chih-Yuan Chang
Light is one of the most intangible but significant media in our life. Light in both natural and artificial, illuminates the dark, provides comfort, furnishes energy to organisms, guides us to a path, and brings us hope. However, when people are exposed extremely under the light, it can be destructive. It can burn, blind, terrorize, and cause hallucinations; moreover, display screens and monitors are seen intangibly damaging people's visions. This thesis chooses light as the subject for its significant presence and potentially destructive behavior via human’s instinct.

Capstone Photography
Photos are the outcome of capturing light. This project intends to demonstrate the connection between the danger of light and its consequences through artistic photography.

The images are captured using the Holga camera, which is acknowledged for its low-fidelity aesthetic. The camera allows the image to overlap, overexpose, and distort for myriad appreciable probabilities. These features are methodologies to express and depict the abstract idea of weaponized light.

Light is ubiquitous and brings brightness to people. When it goes intense as a power to extend authority, it turns into a weapon. However, are there any ways to defend it and protect our eyes?