Pratt Institute School of Design

Craft as Time Capsule: Preserving the Culture of Tools
Hsiao-Wen (Nancy) Hu
Craft is a documentation of values, norms, and civilizations of human society. It connects the culture around humans and their tools. Because of the long-lasting physicality and materiality, identities and values can be formed, preserved, and passed on through craft. As our lives transitioning from physical activities to virtual interactions, new needs and forms of engagement emerged. This design exploration aims to look at this transition between physical and virtual, material and data, user engagement and experience from the perspective of craft, investigating how crafts continue to document our current society and preserve our identities along with our environment.

Craft is not limited to physical artifacts or handmade objects. Work as stop motions, films, websites, software, and other creative products that require care and skillsets are also seen as crafts. It is never about the format, it is about the process.

As moving on to investigate the preservation of digital crafts, I tried to approach data in a way that is more relevant and reflective of our surroundings.
As a response to my exploration of craft and experience preservation, I developed a series of interactive artifacts that specifically preserve interactivity and behaviors around the current digital tools we have.