Pratt Institute School of Design

Empathy to your neighbor (online)-how to stop misuse of online features and create an online environment for more effective communication.
Hsinhui Wang
When was the last time you realized that you were unconsciously interacting with others, or having individual opinions about certain things, or even using your electronic devices in a specific pattern, just because the interface was set in a habituated way? Algorithms and mechanisms compose a massive part of the online world, and their influence is precisely what Marshall McLuhan might consider as an evidence of how technology shapes behavior in his book “The Medium is the Massage.” However, sometimes the online environment might also encourage violent behavior since it is so approachable as users can do almost anything they want without being accused in the off-line realm.

I began with this project intending to show how cyberbullying with anonymity is also a form of violence. The blue scripts written on my hand are several “anons”-an abbreviation of “anonymous” online.

Visualization of Online Reposting Behavior
This installation is also an earlier piece of how to portray online reposting behavior. I used “bonding” for my design language here as I supplied paper strips for people to write down things and to attach to the bonded paper stripes.

Project Rehumanization
This is a project in which I choose to play with the function of interface languages, and how to use language and typographical elements to remind users that other users are also living human beings instead of somebody behind the interfaces.
Project Rehumanization: Introductory Video
Introductory video for the project.

Capstone Brochure
The brochure as a capstone design response of “why there isn’t any textbooks for young individuals about online communication”.

Capstone Presentation
This is an image of me presenting my capstone project.