Pratt Institute School of Design

Zhiying Huang
Ugliness can be a critical design tool to better understand the potential for how we might relate to objects. I will use speculative and experimental aesthetics as a methodology to explore potentially new sensibilities, capabilities, and functionalities of objects, how they are perceived, and the power they hold to shift perspective.

Moldy Paper Experiment
I choose paper as my material to explore what if the paper lost its function. Then I cut some pieces from it and designed it.
Rebellion Typeface Experiment
The rebellion typeface is the idea of against tradition and interpreting in a new way. For the rebellion typeface, I designed the inside reversed patterns of types.

Live Performance Experiment
I feel uncomfortable touching fresh organs. In my design response, I had a live performance during the class to memorize my loved one. I brought a fresh pig heart and kissed it, I cried. It makes me think about life in an unusual way. Therefore, ugliness became a verb to me. It changes the relationship between me and the pig heart.