Pratt Institute School of Design

Perception: Gender Temperament & Prejudice
Jinghan Liu
Perception, Gender Temperament and Prejudice seeks to explore the nature of “bias” against particular gender groups in human society and the way people perceive it. In a world where gender bias has and continues to grow out of our culture and find their way into our publishing platforms, translating and mutating seems to still end up reinforcing the fundamental gender stereotypes back to us. In what forms and structures can gender bias be rooted in the publishing platform and how do we begin to disrupt the status-quo to facilitate hyper-personalized re-examination of gender related values and reflect a healthier sociocultural system?

In the long river of history, the war between human civilization and gender bias seems to have never stopped.

Hidden Monopoly
Hidden Monopoly is a motion video reflecting the recessive gender bias. With the rapid development of technology, gender biases that have grown out of our culture have also found their way into our publishing platforms. Although the biases are toward specific gender groups, the influences it has brought threaten everyone.

100 Days Experiment of ‘Gendered Temperament’
To further explore the gender temperament that people used to have stereotypes, an experimental exercise of gendered temperament has been generated. I use patterns and content from different platforms as materials to create collages, respectively to let people see how the two kinds of totally different sexual temperament perfectly confluence.

Cultural Probe: Ethnographic Research of Gender Diversity
Dialogue conveys some valuable information to us through the communication with the interviewee. Trans people have experienced a wider part of the gender spectrum than most people do, therefore, we can learn from them something that we cannot learn from others, and we can apply it to confronting and dismantling gender bias. Related Project: Finding Mx. Ze!