Pratt Institute School of Design

Contemporary myth: Awe, fantasy, and supernormal sign stimulus
Mengfei Yun
Awe is the feeling of ecstasy, fear, and respect that occurs when humans are immersed in something surreal, supernatural, and sublime. In early times, myths were an essential way of delivering the feeling of awe. Today, however, with the development of society, The traditional myths became more like false fantasies. Nevertheless, such curiosity and awe about the unknown, supernatural, and cosmic that cannot be understood by rationality are still buried deep in the unconsciousness of contemporary people. By deconstructing awe and exploring contemporary fantasies, this thesis intends to understand how might design recreate myth and trigger awe in today's rational society.

Urban Pantheon
Can contemporary objects create myths? Urban Pantheon is a project that I tried to mix the real-life interweaved with the imaginable world again by deifying the secularized artificial objects, for exploring the relationship between secularism, religion, imagination, symbol and meaning.

Alter Ego - Carl Jung
Why do we all have the similar reaction towards the same stimulus? Carl Jung believed it is because humans were under the influence of similar psychological mechanisms which called the collective unconsciousness. By imagining that if I were him, what kind of art would he create, I made this statue.

Architecture and Awe
How can an immersive environment of architecture create a sense of awe? These are a series of exploration about how the elements such as scale, repetition, light, and shadow in architecture effect human emotion

The Sanctuary
The final capstone design is a VR space design for sanctuaries gets inspiration from the New Weird and Big Dumb Objects Obsession. It is an answer to my biggest question in this thesis, that is how design can trigger awe and create myth within the contemporary context.