Pratt Institute School of Design

The Breach: An Infiltration of User Privacy
Taehwan Danny Lee
Search engines are designed so users are offered infinite resources, but their search data is stored and observed by corporations, which they bid advertisements to publishers that share the desired demographics. During this process, the breach occurs, which is an opening in a business model that allows corporations to utilize data to promote content. Privacy is an issue between search algorithms and users because a breach can expose information. Regulations such as the GPDR were implemented to address the issue; however, exposure is still possible, so how can regulations be updated to improve privacy and decrease the possibilities of breaches?

Online Business Model Study
This is a study that dissects online business models from well known social media and search engines. Certain points of the business model are pinpointed that relate to the breach or bait that affects the user. This shows the suspicious points of a business model that looks simple and symbiotic.

Book Capstone Cover
This is my first Capstone book that explains the layers of user privacy in the form of Bratton’s “The Stack.” Each layer going down exposes more sensitive information that shouldn’t be leaked. This serves as a guideline on what information must be protected online.

Book Capstone Page 1
The first page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the first layer: Interface. This is generally public information that can be found in social media. There isn’t much risk putting this information on the internet.

Book Capstone Page 2
The second page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the second layer: Earth. This information can be found through basic research about someone such as occupation details. This only has very mild risks, but nothing dangerous.

Book Capstone Page 3
The third page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the third layer: Cloud. This layer consists of information that you wouldn’t trust outside of well known acquaintances. Examples are work documents from corporations.

Book Capstone Page 4
The fourth page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the fourth layer: City. Data from here onward is private and shouldn’t be exposed. The layer has information like personal cell phone numbers and previous criminal records.

Book Capstone Page 5
The fifth page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the fifth layer: Address. This information can be consequential if exposed to the public. Some examples of information in the layer are home addresses and credit card information.

Book Capstone Page 6
The final page of the Capstone Book. It focuses on the sixth layer: User. This information is the most sensitive information that must never be exposed online under any circumstances. Information that would be in this layer would be a user’s SSN.
User Data expressed through the Stack
This takes the book capstone and turns it into an animation that explains the layer of the stack while making it more enjoyable for the viewer. The book didn’t engage its audience enough, so this animation was made to engage that audience more efficiently.