Pratt Institute School of Design

Tong Sha
According to my research, I am talking about problems in the online review system: all the platforms keep asking you to review their product and services (some of them are mandatory), online celebrities have a higher voice and exposure rate, and the purchase intention of ordinary users is easily affected by these people. In fact, many Internet celebrities will price their review clearly. Therefore, I want to make a critical design. The original idea is to make another version of online reviews for the real world. It should be sarcastic and annoying. Users can fill in this toolkit to write a personal review. It could be a review of any object or any experience. The purpose of this design is to help people get really useful information and reduce people's dependence on online evaluation. The physical form allows the invitee to take it more seriously. This toolkit includes the envelope, a coin, a carbon transfer paper, and a fingerprint pad. Users have to fill in 3 parts (profiles, ratings, and comments) that have a counterpart in the real world.

The evaluation toolkit

How to fold the toolkit

What’s in the toolkit
Tools include a coin, a finger pad, and carbon paper. Use the coin to scratch off the stickers on page 2 to rate the product or experience; draw yourself with carbon paper and the fingerprint pad on page 1.

Toolkit design
The toolkit is divided into three sections. The first is instruction including visuals. The second is for tools. The last is the review: the pink page is for users to draw avatars; the black page has scratch-off stickers covering 12 evaluations; the green paper is for users to leave comments.