Pratt Institute School of Design

The Paradoxes of Consumption: Fast Fashion
Urva Joshi
The fast fashion industry occupies a major chunk in the fashion industry and the world economy. This design research highlights why the apparel industry fails to be ethical, and so does it’s consumers, what aspects make it unethical and how it can shape the fashion system of the near future. With all it’s tragedies known to the consumers and so it’s luring inexpensiveness and trends, a wicked problem with many paradoxes is developed. This research looks into solving a robust global problem on an approachable and personal level.

Historical Framework
A timeline of major events concerning the fast fashion industry. Inception, popularity, tragedies, media and substitutes. It gives an overall look at the system that was coined wicked.

Iceberg Tip
Inspired by Miranda Priestly’s iconic declaration, “You think it has nothing to do with you?” The Tip is a rhetoric piece describing the many layers one single piece of garment travels just to end in one’s wardrobe and possibly in the trash soon. The imagery is shown based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to signify the importance and perception of base layer and top layer.

Trash Love
A remix based on the idea that describes the life cycle of a fast fashion garment. In essence, as soon as it is bought it is ready get thrown away either by other new trends or because of low quality. Hence, garbage bags as shopping bags with popular retail iconography.
Cosseting Closets: Branding Revolution
Cosseting closets is an attempt to overcome a web of problems that was articulated throughout the research. It is a community that uses softer tactics in overcoming an issue that is global. These softer tactics incorporate and promote love, appreciation and respect for one’s commodities in order to consume less or consume quality or discard thoughtfully.

The Garment Story
An app based on documenting the stories and memories that are associated with one’s garments. Whether they are bought, stolen, gifted or borrowed, this platform provides an easy mode of documenting one’s wardrobe along with keeping an inventory.