Pratt Institute School of Design

User’s Behavioral Patterns in the Digital Environment —— Sorting Modern Behavioral Patterns
Xi Cassie Yang
Due to the popularity of digital devices, the behavior patterns of digital users have changed dramatically, and the impact of interaction with devices has become a major part of users' life. In this trend, some behavior patterns have become universal interaction languages in our physical world and are accepted widely. This thesis explores both user’s off and online behavior patterns in the real world and the relationship between behavioral patterns and the language of interaction. By documenting, classifying and analyzing user interaction languages, this thesis aims to analyze and explore new possibilities for user interaction experiences in both the digital and physical environments.
Behavior Collections
Through observing and recording the true scenarios and gestures of digital users, I have collected a pile of scenes about people interacting with devices in various situations. Based on these documents, I compacted all these scenes in a video and categorized them into two categories: screen-based and non-screen. Project 01 faculty: Alex Liebergesell
Thesis Booklet Showcase
I collect 100 verbs according to my thesis topic and use hand gestures to represent these verbs. Then I made a photo book and used a video which combines the book and hand gestures to show the content. Project 02 faculty: Alex Liebergesell

Future Interaction
In the future, there will be no screen for virtual contacts. People can see each other virtually talking and walking in the room. They can even hug, shake the hands, and interact with each other. Project 03 faculty: Alex Liebergesell