Pratt Institute School of Design

Ethical blur: ambiguity of cultural paradox
Xiyui Wu
Nowadays, globalization allows the circulation of ideas, thoughts, culture, and information, but a cultural paradox caused by different ethical concepts still occurs between people, regions, countries, and other groups. People are holding specific ideas and perceptions based on their experience and environment where they grew up. The cultural paradox is inevitable. However, everything in this world has common features and different features, and there are no completely different cultures, but there is no same culture either. Hence, the universals and contradictions among cultures cause the complexity and ambiguity of culture.

New Earth
I'm making a tourist video that introduces a fake place(New earth), where their cultures and ethical values are extremely offensive to the majority.‚Äč By introducing the culture in New earth, I want my audiences to have a deeper understanding of ethics that they are valuing. If we put them in these cultural contexts, what are their ethical choices?

Locals tie their souls with dolls

Women wear dead husbands' genitals

Cutting fingers to commemorate dead


Living with dead kids

The cultural package is a project that experiments with the complexity and ambiguity of culture. This project collects some surprising cultures or ethics that will make viewers have psychologically uncomfortable senses.