Pratt Institute School of Design

Molecular Hedonism
Xuan Wang
What is pleasure and how does pleasure create meaning? If the world goes big and we become small, how do cells, molecules, or atoms react to Hedonism? This thesis explores the molecular pleasure of design. The term hedonism, from the Greek word “hēdonē,” refers to the philosophical theories that pleasure and pain are the only important elements in life. In the context of this thesis, Hedonism refers to the natural human tendency to pursue pleasure, and the willingness to consume time, energy, and money in order to achieve pleasure. When we seek pleasure in our senses through design, do we feel pleasure in our cells?

Pleasure Molecule
Generated by Processing, the looping graphics represents the continuous movement of the particles, just like people’s never-ending pursuit of pleasure. Sixteen graphics are generated randomly by activating four buttons of the Hedonic Box. This interactive installation is built to create an environment in which people can discover their pleasurable moments.

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Sixteen Graphics

Installation space
Model: Jackie Tang.