Pratt Institute School of Design

BIG DUMB OBJECTS: Deconstructed & Reconstructed
Yi Luo
To understand why some human constructs strike viewers as Sci-Fi-ish objects, and what commonalities they share with Big Dumb Objects (hereafter referred to as BDO), I examined some of the most iconic BDO from Sci-Fi movies. By listing out the attributes generally possessed by BDO, and breaking down the images of BDO and said constructs in terms of form, function and (human) reaction, much common ground was found, upon which a new set of guidelines can be established to answer the questions of 1)What the essential attributes of BDO are; and 2)How to build and reproduce our own BDO.
BDO Manifesto
A video essay on where to redraw the territory of BIG DUMB OBJECTS and a crystallization of my thesis studies. I added a pseudo VHS touch for a more coherent visual experience, and set the aspect ratio at 4:3 to give a “monumental” effect.
Giant God Safety Pin Appears in Tokyo
This video is based on Shinji Higuchi's Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo. By replacing the Warrior with a safety pin in Cinema 4D while keeping the original composition, I tried to validate that the effects caused by confronting a BDO can be triggered by particular combinations of visual formulae.

Thesis Research Pamphlet

Angie, Repositionable Sculpture, Configuration 1: Sitting

Angie, Repositionable Sculpture, Configuration 2: Standing

RISO Taobao

Black Felt & Mirror Box