Pratt Institute School of Design

Intimacy in the “Experiential Age”
Yibo Zhang
The rapid development of technology has ushered in the emergence of virtual reality, bringing people to the Experiential Age based on creating and sharing experiences. In the new environment, people can find new ways to connect intimacy. While promoting the establishment of intimate relationships, it also leads some people to rely too much on the emotional attribution in the virtual world while ignoring the real interaction in the real world, resulting in a decline in intimacy. This study explores the changes of intimacy in the era of the gradual integration of Eastern and Western cultures, strengthening people's understanding of intimacy.

Intimacy at 37 degrees Celsius
The relationship between people is like a film. It is both potent and fragile. This photographic film collection gives the audience a personal space to feel the current status of intimacy and triggers people to think about the importance of intimacy.