Pratt Institute School of Design

The Overusing of Empathy
Ying Yang
With the increasing use of empathy in advertising, viewers can often feel the psychological pain, which is Negative Empathy, being pointed. This kind of touchpoint refers to the emotional drivers of behavior that are specific to a person’s situation and cause us the most intensely emotional and psychological pain. Companies often show awareness of users to catch their eye. It seems like companies promise people could reduce their pain by buying their products. Although we will give more credit to those brands that appear to understand our “unique” situations, the repetitive and replicative of empathy can tire the audience.
What is empathy?
The purpose of this film is to introduce what empathy is, help people fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of empathy.

Negative Empathy Posters
These posters are designed to present the characteristics of Negative Empathy: Repeatability (Desensitization), Narrow focus, Emotional influence. The purpose is to make people aware that empathy also has disadvantages.
Capstone Website and Social Media Campaign
The site share commercial examples and is built to make people think about the consequences of overusing empathy in advertising. Access the full website in