Pratt Institute School of Design

In Between Victim And Abuser 
Zhenchang Zheng
With the development of innovation of information technology, designers use their professional knowledge and privileges to help users build a more human centered environment in digital space. However, the power shifting in the interpersonal relationship between an UX designer and an user is usually neglected. When users are facing challenges online and start to feel they are hurt, the victimization of users appears. In this case, designers are treated as abusers. This thesis studies a UX designer, how to empower users ethically and make them feel not too manipulated at the same time.
What is Dark Pattern?
A dark pattern is a user interface carefully crafted to trick users into doing things they might not otherwise do. They are elaborate and have a deep understanding of human psychology, but they don't take into account the user's interests.
Dark Patterns Games
Using game as a medium to inform users and new UX designers about dark patterns to equalize the relation between designers and users.

Guide Book
The series of games is an educational guide for the start learner of UX to help them understand the power dynamic among designers and users better.