Pratt Institute School of Design

The Infinite Irony of the Internet
Zoe Priest
As politics is played out in real-time on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it allows a more candid view of the political arena. However, with this comes unintended consequences. For politicians and pundits, the platforms are serving personal agendas, which can lead to the larger problem of knowing what to believe. Framing of news is therefore crucial, as the internet can influence major news outlets, which in turn mold the discussion online, and so on. As a result, users are less inquisitive in forming their own opinions, resulting in an undervaluation of truth and the prevalence of the soundbite. .

Historical Framework
A history of new media entering American politics.

For my capstone, I created a choose-your-own-adventure game centered around the American presidential election in 2030. The user puts themself in the position of a journalist and has to decide how to report on events throughout the election using only the information fed to them from various online platforms.
Screen recording moving through the game, showing one of the possible paths users can take. Click the link above to try out the prototype.
Capstone Development
Time lapse showing my process from outlining the narrative flow of the game through to the creation of the prototype and publishing it online.